Elago - S5 Outfit Matrix Case for iPhone 5/5s - White/Dark Grey


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What made the iPhone 5/5s so different from previous iPhone's is the dual material concept designed by Apple Inc. The Elago S5 Outfit Matrix case line was designed and created without taking away that luxurious design concept Apple implemented with the new iPhone 5/5s. Whether you want a subtle color scheme or a flashy one, the different Outfit colors will match your need! Be a trend setter and match your iPhone 5/5s with your wardrobe; interchange different Outfit cases depending on your mood! Whatever you desire to do, do it with style and class with the Elago S5 Outfit Matrix cases.

The Elago S5 Anti-Ghost Camera Hole
Elago sticks with their motto "Design is Improvement" with the S5 Anti-Ghost Camera Hole cutout. When designing the new S5 case line for the iPhone 5/5s, Elago's design team followed Apple's guidelines for the camera's capabilities. To prevent unwanted shadows and color reflections when using the flash, the S5 Anti-Ghost Camera Hole cutout was designed. Now you never have to worry about taking pictures with the iPhone 5/5s when using this case!

• Give your iPhone 5/5s an Outfit! Polycarbonate and solid aluminum plate creates a modern hybrid design.
• Protection without the bulk: Ultra Slim case offers corner and scratch protection, as well as a slight lift to allow your iPhone 5/5s to be put screen-side down on a flat surface.
• Anti-Ghost Camera Cutout allows the camera and flash to be used without any interference from the case.
• HD Professional Extreme Clear film included. Case and film designed by Elago in California and made in Korea to ensure the use of non-hazardous chemicals.
• Disclaimer: Product color may vary due to lighting, screen pixel quality and color settings. Due to camera flash, shadows may exit in photos.


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