Artwizz SecondDisplay for 12.9 iPad Pro:

Artwizz SecondDisplay for 12.9 iPad Pro


Protects against scratches and display cracks, caused by shocks
Original look and feel of screen
No micro-scratches

The second display is a crystal clear, long-lasting glass protection for iPad Pro 12,9 inch and iPad Pro 9,7 inch.
It is not just glass. It consists of several layers. This not only prevents scratches and a broken display in daily routine. This also ensures in the worst case that the glass does not break into many pieces, but remains in one piece. The same as bulletproof glass. And should damage happen, your original screen is always spared.
The second display is positioned as a protective, secondary display on your iPad display. Without traces of glue. With a force of attraction. Full surface for iPad Pro 12,9 inch and iPad Pro 9,7. Once positioned, this iPad Pro screen protector is like a crystal-clear shield: invisible and strong against external influences.

1x Artwizz SecondDisplay glass protector
1x Microfiber Cloth

Prozorna / transparentna
Prejšnja serija
12.9inch iPad Pro