Artwizz - USB-C Cable to USB-C male, 1m - Titan

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Charge notebooks and smartphones with a USB-C connector

With the Artwizz USB-C cables not only smartphones, but also notebooks can be charged easily. For this simply connect it to your MacBook, Chromebook or Windows Notebook. Anything that can be charged via a USB-C connector can easily be supplied with power. This is much more user-friendly than has been the case in previous times as with this cable and the suitable charging device such as the PowerPlug USB-C you no longer need any other power cable.

Faster data transfer with USB-C and USB 3

Our USB-C High-Speed cables and adapters provide a particularly quick data transfer. They offer USB 3 and are capable of transfer speeds of up to 10 GBit/s. This way they build a rapid data connection between your devices.

Even more universality through varying connectors

With our different USB-C cables we offer you the possibilty to connect your USB-C device to mobile devices with various connectors. For instance, you can connect your new USB-C smartphone to a common charging device with a USB-C to USB-A cable. Your MacBook with USB-C connector can be easily connected to a device with USB connector by using an Artwizz USB-C to Micro USB cable. You can find all other constellations for our USB-C accessories in the USB-C configurator.

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EAN/UPC koda
Prejšnja serija
1 meter
Združljivost z vmesniki
Združljivost Mac
MacBook 12, MacBook Pro 13 s Touch Barom, MacBook Pro 13 (2016), MacBook Pro 15 s Touch Barom