Artwizz - SeeJacket Clip Light NEON for IPH5/5S - Green [1049-SJCL-P5-NG]:

Artwizz - SeeJacket Clip Light NEON for IPH5/5S - Green [1049-SJCL-P5-NG]


The translucent SeeJacket® Clip Light is a extremely thin plastic clip, designed specifically for the iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s.

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Now you can put your iPhone on a table without having to worry about scratching the sensitive back!

Thanks to its particularly sleek design and its high accuracy fit, the SeeJacket® Clip Light acts as a second skin and reliably protects your iPhone from dirt, scratches, and bumps.

Because the clip is translucent, details like the iPhone’s Apple logo, its distinctive glass surface, and aluminum frame shine through, allowing the cased iPhone to remain very fashionable and chic.

With a bright mix of strikingly different fresh colors you can match your iPhone to your lifestyle. The translucent shimmer color will grab all the attention – not the clip.

• The fitting and removal of the clip is simple and easy. There is an Easy-Removal Card for the removal of the clip.

• All connections are recessed and conveniently accessible.

• The SeeJacket® Clip Light is available in neon green, neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange.